Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Speaking of little crawling things

Well, I'm kind of bored today so I'll make a few reviews.

First stop, movies (animated ones to be exact)!

There were some big animated movies this summer, as usual, those included The Simpsons Movie whose title couldn't have been more apt, since it is exactly that but, unfortunately, not much else. If you like the cartoons you will like the movie, since it's to all extents an hour and a half episode with better effects. It does have some great gags, but you need to heed my warning: the Spider Pig will haunt you for the rest of the week! Muahahahaha


Sorry about that!

Second up, Shrek 3.

Now, once the first reviews came out I started to decide and wait for the DVD (even more so I didn't had to see the dubbed version) but I recently did watch it. Thoughts? It did the job of being entertaining and still made me laugh. However it is vastly inferior to the previous two. Sure, it does have it's good moments, but for the most part it feels as if they're trying to hard. The new characters of Arthur and Merlin feel dumb and poorly constructed and the movie as a whole feels much smaller than the previous.

Then we have Ratatouille.

Let me get this straight, ever since I watched the Incredibles, and even more after reading his wikipedia page, Brad Bird has become my idol when it concerns animation. The Iron Giant has got pretty high on the list of past movies I want to see.

And Ratatouille does not disappoint.

While it is probably not the most original movie out there, it is so expertly crafted that you can't stop loving it. It can be exciting at times, funny, smart, and positively heartwarming. It's moralizing without being preachy, teaching us many important things that we often forget.

And I swear I started looking into my food in a completely different way.

Okay... And I believe that's everything in the movie section, so I'll now pass into videogames (sorry, no books until Making Money comes out).

Ever heard of Knytt? No?

Well then, go here and try it, I'll wait.

Dum di dum...

Back? Okay, so now go here and get this one.


Back so soon? Well, go back to the link and get the expansion pack.

A bit more seriously now, Knytt is a freeware independent game which is occasionally described as ambient gaming. You control a small guy which needs to explore a beautiful world seeking some small objects while solving several puzzles along the way. In Knytt Stories, the sequel, the objects even give you new abilities. It's an amazingly simple game in concept that can be rather addictive (and occasionally, difficult) and it can be a wonderful experience. Unfortunately the game isn't very long. Knytt Stories fixes that by including a level editor that allows anyone to create their own adventures.

And since you're at it, you can also try Within a Deep Forest, although that one, while good, can be too frustrating and hard.


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