Sunday, May 14, 2006

Fear the Bunny

Aliens, demons, robots, witches, vampires, pirates, wizards, ninjas, assassins, talking shadows, satanic kittens, inflatable technology, parallel dimensions, time travels, timeless space, funny, stupid, sad, smart...
These are just a few things you would have to say if someone would ask you to describe Sluggy Freelance.

I love comics, not the serious type with a lot of pretty pictures but the strip a day kind of comics. So, as you can imagine, I have a few webcomics in my Favorites list, as well as several shelves filled with comic books up in my room.
So it was time for me to pay tribute to this art form by analyzing one of them in this here blog.
Sluggy Freelance stands as my favorite webcomic for some time now, I still remember clearly the first strip I came across, sure it wasn’t nothing special at the time, but a quick click in the “first strip” button and a few days later and it looked pretty nifty.

Enough with the idle chit-chat! Now here’s what you need to know:
Sluggy Freelance started in the distant year of 1997, at the time it was a sort of innocent unconcerned comic making fun of things or telling non-sense jokes (these times are now called The Bikini Suicide Frisbee Days) it started with two characters: Torg, aka Nerd boy, and Riff, a freelance inventor. Then it added a talking bunny with a bad attitude and a switch blade, a female character, a ferret, an alien, a neighbor, another female character (who later became a witch), a dimension of demons, a… just read the first paragraph for an idea, ok?
Nowadays the strip usually goes for more epic storylines, with one of the last ones going on for over a year (curious tidbit: a couple of months before that storyline started, another one had gone for about six months and the author said that he didn’t intend to go on another story as large anytime soon, events got a little out of control though).
There are a few characteristics of the strip that make it quite unique, not only the bizarre setting, but also the way as it is told. It is not unusual for characters to die or being altered beyond recovery. It is also curious that some of the goriest strips end up being some of the funniest (read this storyline to get the idea).

This is simply big! Sure, it has as lots of low points, but some so high that looking down will even cause a sense of vertigo.

Bored? Have some time to kill? Like a good story?

Click this link and be doomed for all eternity!!!


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